Welcome to the Mechanical Engineering Department

At our department, we believe in equipping our students with a solid foundation in core mechanical engineering principles. Our comprehensive curriculum covers a wide range of topics, including Mechanics, Thermodynamics, Materials Science, Fluid Dynamics, Robotics, Engineering Mathematics and Manufacturing Processes. By combining theoretical instruction with hands-on laboratory experiences, we ensure that our students develop a deep understanding of the fundamental principles and gain valuable practical skills.

To complement the academic experience, we offer a range of extracurricular activities and opportunities for our students to apply their skills in real-world scenarios. Our department has strong ties with industry partners, enabling our students to participate in internships and collaborative projects. These experiences not only enhance their understanding of engineering practices but also provide valuable networking opportunities for future career prospects.

Our state-of-the-art facilities and well-equipped laboratories offer students access to advanced tools and technologies, allowing them to conduct experiments, design prototypes, and simulate real-world scenarios. We believe in hands-on learning and encourage our students to engage in practical projects that challenge their problem-solving abilities and foster innovation.

HOD's Message

Eng. (Mrs.) J.G.I.A.Nishanthi Perera

Office:011254667  (Ext.306)

Dear Students, Faculty, and Visitors,

As the Head of the Mechanical Engineering Department at the Institute of Engineering Technology (IET) in Katunayake, I warmly welcome our diverse community.

IET is proud to offer the National Diploma in Engineering Sciences (NDES) program in Mechanical Engineering, providing a robust foundation in mechanical engineering principles, practical skills, and industry-relevant knowledge.

To our students, I urge you to embrace the opportunities provided by our NDES program. Engage in rigorous coursework, hands-on projects, and collaborative research to excel in the dynamic field of mechanical engineering.

To our esteemed faculty, I extend sincere gratitude for your dedication to academic excellence and mentorship. Your guidance shapes the educational journey of our students, preparing them for successful engineering careers.

To visitors and prospective students, I invite you to explore the opportunities at IET. Whether pursuing the NDES program or engaging with our academic community, we offer a supportive environment for your educational pursuits.

Together, we uphold the highest standards of engineering education and research excellence, fostering the continued success and growth of our Mechanical Engineering Department at IET.

Warm regards,

Eng. (Mrs.) J.G.I.A.Nishanthi Perera
PGD-Ind.Eng (OUSL), BTech (Mechanical)(OUSL),
NDT(Mech) University of Moratuwa
Head of Department (Mechanical Engineering)

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Mechanical Engineering department offers three specialized courses in the field of :
  • Automotive Engineering
  • Production Engineering
  • Building Services Engineering

The following laboratories under the department of mechanical engineering are well equipped with highly sophisticated equipment under the funding of Austrian project.