Electrical Machines Laboratory

Facilities :

  • 3PH- Generator Control Board(mod. GCB-3/EV).
  • Generators Parallel and Energy Distribution(mod. PCB-3/EV).
  • Electrical Power Generation Simulator (mod.SEE-2/EV).
  • Set Of Protection Relays For High-Voltage and Low-Voltage Networks(mod. SRT-1/EV).
  • DC Motor – Start and Speed Control (mod. C-IIDC/EV).
  • SD1664 Stepper Motor Trainer.
  • Transmission Electrical Lines ( mod. SEL-1/EV)
    Neutral Power.
  • Connection (mod. PDG-R/EV).
  • Wind Power Generator ( mod. WG-C/EC).
  • Advance Industrial Control (PLC)(mod. C-IID/EV).
  • Industrial Cabled Control (mod. C-IIC/EV).
  • Power Factor Correction (mod. C-PF/EV).