Notice for 2020 Batch

Dear All, Note that when you will be present at IET on 18/03/2024 to register your academic semester V, make sure to read and understand the rules and regulations form published herewith and submit the duly signed hard copy of the form to Administration division at the registration. Your IET Student Identity Card is also…

Notice for 2023 Batch

Dear All, After completion of repeat practical cycle of your semester I on 11/03/2024, your first academic vacation will be commenced. Your Academic Semester II will be commenced on 16/04/2024. During the academic vacation, you should be available to present at IET if there is any requirement of IET. DP(A)

NOTICE for 2018 and Early Batches – Registration for BIP Practical Repeat Cycle and Repeat Examinations – 2024

Dear All, You have to register BIP Practical Repeat Cycle and Repeat Examinations – 2024, from 26/02 to 01/03/2024 during 9.00 am to 3.30 pm. Repeat Practical Cycle and Examinations will be scheduled according to your registration and published later. DP(A)